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The Panjab University Alumni Association (PUAA) will be celebrating and commemorating the milestone of 100 years of teaching achieved by the Honors School System with a Gala Alumni Meet on November 2019 in the Law Auditorium.

At this event, a commemorative Coffee Table Book and a film of one hour duration will be launched covering the history of these 100 years. Your department/centre must have preserved videos/clippings of this period. Please send this archival matter in a CD to the undersigned by March 20, 2019.

Thanks & regards

Prof. Deepti Gupta

Dean Alumni Relations

Panjab University


  Dated: 08/03/2019
105/10/2021Quest for Civilizational Identity: A Personal Journey
229/09/2021Webinar on Mahatma Gandhi and Aldous Huxley
327/09/2021Understanding Sardar Patel and his contribution to India
414/09/2021Webinar on Engineer's Day 15.09.2021
526/08/2021Book Launch "Chandigarh: An Anthology
613/08/2021Diaspora Engagement in Sustainable Development
722/07/2021Send name of Department Alumni Coordinator
813/07/2021Sustainability: Everyone's Responsibility
925/06/2021Applications for hiring three interns’
1017/06/2021Online book launch event on 18.06.2021
1104/06/2021Connecting industry and people to nature, Role of the Engineers
1222/04/2021World Book and Copyright Day
1322/04/2021Invite for World Book and Copyright Day April 23 ,2021
1406/04/2021Invitation for World Helath Day
1520/03/2021VALUING WATER, SUSTAINING LIFE. Every drop counts......
1606/03/2021Invitation for Internation Women's Day (08.03.2021)
1725/01/2021Thanks and Congratulations to all Departments for organizing alumni meet
1823/01/2021Global Alumni Meet 2021, Day VI:Valedictory Session on “Strategic Envisioning of Alumni Relations”
1922/01/2021Invitation for Global Alumni Meet 2021 (Day-V)
2021/01/2021Global Alumni Meet 2021 (Day-IV) Lauding Global Footprints @PU
2119/01/2021Schedule of Global Alumni Meet (Day III)
2219/01/2021Invitation for Global Alumni Meet (Day III)
2319/01/2021Global Alumni Meet 2021 (Day 2 details ) 19.01.2021
2419/01/2021Global Alumni Meet 2021 (Day 2 details ) 19.01.2021
2518/01/2021Request to join the inaugural session of Panjab University Global Alumni Meet on January 18, 2021
2618/01/2021Request to join the inaugural session of Panjab University Global Alumni Meet on January 18, 2021
2715/01/2021Invitation for Global Alumni Meet
2811/01/2021PU Annual Global Alumni Meet (January 18-23, 2021)
2904/01/2021Online book launch on "Basic Computational Techniques for Data Analysis"
3028/12/2020Information required for Alumni Meet
3104/12/2020Details required for Alumni Meet
3227/11/2020Webinar on "Being a True Daughter of Old Time"
3317/11/2020Webinar on Art & Literature in the Age of Technology
3412/11/2020PDF Performa
3509/11/2020Fourth WISE lecture
3607/11/2020Annual Global Alumni Meet 2020 on the third week of January 2021 (tentative)
3706/11/2020A session on Blood Stem Cell Donation
3803/11/2020Online Annual Global Alumni Meet 2020
3928/10/2020Details required for Online Alumni Meet
4028/10/2020Invitation for Grand Mushaira
4127/10/2020Webinar on “NEP 2020: Lifelong Learning”
4221/10/2020Webinar on NEP 2020: Connecting the Dots
4319/10/2020Webinar on PUNJAB: A view of the History and Culinary Heritage
4416/10/2020Workshop on Theatre Games by Karan Gulzar
4516/10/2020Webinar on Transforming Indian Education Through NEP 2020: A Roadmap
4614/10/2020The Third WISE interactive lecture
4713/10/2020Webinar on "NEP 2020: Paradigm shift in Idea of University"
4813/10/2020Webinar on "Things to know to keep your heart healthy"
4925/09/2020Webinar in memory of Dr. Rahat Indori Ji
5019/09/2020Webinar on Reflection as a Tool for Teaching & Learning
5119/09/2020Act of Kindness, calling out all youth to share their act of kindness
5214/09/2020Webinar on Biogas Production From Food Waste
5311/09/2020For the Youth leader to share their act of KINDNESS STORIES
5405/09/2020Web Lecture and interview on "Mughal Jewellery: Techniques, Opulence and Modern Impact" by Dr. Nafisa Sayed Motiwala
5501/09/2020“Overcoming Depression: Don’t let the clouds block your sunshine”
5631/08/2020Online proficiency workshop in spoken english
5727/08/2020Webinar on "The Mottled Dawn 15 August 1947"
5919/08/2020Webinar on Wit and Humour from the Bar and Bench
6014/08/2020Webinar on Vitamin D and Weight Management Strategy in COVID 19
6129/07/2020Webinar on Acting as a Path of the Spirit
6224/07/2020Webinar on Perception of a University: An Image and its Creation
6324/07/2020Video Making Competition
6421/07/2020List of selected Research Proposals 2018-20PDF
6516/07/2020Webinar on Family Values in Context to The Ramayana
6610/07/2020Webinar on World Population Day has been postponed
6709/07/2020Alumni invited for expert lectures
6808/07/2020Celebrating the Talent of Authors
6907/07/2020Webinar on "Intellectual Property Rights"
7007/07/2020Webinar on "Feminist Philosophy of Science"
7101/07/2020Change of Platform for Webinar: Future Trends in Fashion
7230/06/2020Future Trends in Fashion: "Looking Good Despite the Virus"
7322/06/2020Webinar on Right To Information 25 June
7415/06/2020Webinar on the topic of "Increasing Emotional Intelligence"
7516/05/2020Passout student data of last 5 years
7728/02/2020Invitation for MAHILA KAVI SAMMELAN-2020
7825/02/2020Invitation for MAHILA KAVI SAMMELAN-2020
7909/01/2020Invitation for a Fireside Chat with the author of "Chennai Brew"
8003/12/2019Invitation for multilingual Mushaira on 9.12.2019
8122/11/2019Invitation for Annual Global Alumni Meet 2019
8219/11/2019Invitation for Annual Global Alumni Meet 2019
8326/09/2019Blood Donation Camp at Alumni House on 27.09.2019
8425/09/2019Annual Global PU Alumni Meet on November 28 & 29, 2019
8525/09/2019Gifts and Souvenir Brochure for sale
8617/09/2019Last date extended for submission of Research Proposal Fund
8721/08/2019Application for Research Proposals
8820/07/2019Gaatha Jallianwala Bagh
8920/07/2019Tree Plantation Drive
9015/06/2019Scholarship Award Function and Annual General Body Meeting
9101/04/2019100th Birth Anniversary of the Urdu Novelist, Poet, Biographer and PU Alumnus "Padma Shree Janab Kashmiri Lal Zakir
9208/03/2019Send list of achievers
9308/03/2019Invitation card for PP Singh Memorial Lecture
9401/03/2019LOGO CONTEST
9501/03/2019Conducting theatre play 'The First Teacher '
9621/02/2019Mr Sunil Kant Munjal Stipend
9707/01/2019PUAA Logo
9822/10/2018List of selected Research Proposals 2018-PDF
10026/04/2018Scholarship Award Function and Annual General Body Meeting
10119/04/2018Application for Research Proposals
10225/07/2017Interaction of Dr. Satinder Sartaaj
10326/05/2017Scholarship Award Function & Annual General Body Meeting 2017
10416/02/2017Invitation for felicitation function on 17/02/2017
10527/01/2017Quotation for Intercom Facility
10627/01/2017Quotation for Blue Star Water Cooler
10705/12/2016Free Yoga Class
10824/11/2016Invitation for Alumni Meet 2016
10923/11/2016 invitation e-card
11016/11/2016Alumni Meet on November 26, 2016
11120/10/2016Alumni Meet 2016
11223/08/2016Invitation for Interaction with Sh. Gulzar Ji
11316/08/2016Book Re-release of Sh. Gulzar Ji
11402/08/2016Quotation for Furniture
11505/07/2016Interview for the post of Mali
11604/07/2016Free Yoga Camp
11703/06/2016Yoga Camp
11819/05/2016AGM 2016
12030/10/2015QUOTATION for SAMSUNG LED 32 TV (Model HG32AD450SWXXL ) -
12118/09/2015Quotation for Camera
12228/05/2015Scholarship Award Function and Annual General Body Meeting on 2nd June 2015
12311/03/2015Interaction with Shri Gulzar on 13th March, 2015

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